Select County from List 

Once DECAF has been selected, users may select their county from the list provided.  Note: Reporting year 2016 will report for Pay Year 2017 for CNAV, and Pay Year 2016 for Form 22 distributions. 


Manage County Functions 

Once the county is selected, users will be directed to a Manage County Functions screen. At this point, users may select between “Manage Units & Distributions,” which is largely associated with Form 22 data entry, or “Manage CNAV.” The remainder of this guide will proceed with instructions related to the CNAV portion of DECAF. 

Please note that users will still use the “Manage Units & Distributions” section to add or remove funds for a taxing unit.

Add and Edit Funds

Users may add and delete funds for units within the county using the Manage Units and Distributions page.



Entering Assessed Values

After selecting the “Manage CNAV” button, users have two options:
Manually enter the data into the Assessed Value interface screen OR 
Use the “Upload” feature, which will allow users to populate the fields automatically.

Enter Step 1 data manually

The instructions in this section pertain to users who elect to enter Assessed Value data manually. The Step 1 screen will be pre-populated with the taxing districts certified during the prior budget cycle. To insert a new taxing district, select the “Add new record” icon in the navy blue panel. Users will be prompted to provide a Taxing District Code, District Name, and assessed value data. Once the Taxing District Code, District Name, and assessed value data are populated, click the “Insert” button to save the data entered.
To insert assessed value data for taxing districts that are already listed, click the “Edit” link in the window and complete the assessed value boxes that will become available. Remember to click “Update” when complete so data will be saved within the DECAF application. 

Add new taxing district: