The State Board of Accounts (SBOA) has implemented the ECA Risk Report through the Indiana Gateway for Government Units (Gateway) for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2015 and following.

Effective July 1, 2015, Public Law 181-2015 amended IC 5-11-1-25 to require the SBOA to develop risk based examination criteria and then determine the frequency each audited entity is required to be examined based on the results of a risk based assessment.

The ECA Risk Report filed through Gateway is a part of the financial reports required to be filed by the school corporation per IC 5-11-1-4 and has been designed as the tool for school corporations to provide the risked based criteria for their extra-curricular accounts (ECAs) to allow SBOA to evaluate for an appropriate level of risk.

This user guide focuses on the Gateway Extra Curricular Account (ECA) Risk Report application.

The Gateway was developed as a collaborative project among the Department of Local Government Finance (DLGF), the State Board of Accounts (SBOA), and the Indiana Business Research Center (IBRC) at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business as part of the Information for Indiana (IFI) initiative. IBRC also hosts and maintains the site. Funding is provided by IBRC and the State of Indiana.

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After logging in, you will see the applications page. Click on the "ECA Risk Report" link as shown below.


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Then select the year for the reporting period ending June 30, for example, "6-30-2021 Fiscal Year - ECA Risk Reporting".


Below is a list of all of the risk assessment questions. Please review the questions before starting the data entry to make this section easier to complete. Have any files needed ready to upload and all the information to answer the questions. 

Note:  If you have a credit or debit card policy, Question 20b requires a file to be uploaded. 

 1 How is the ECA's ledger maintained?

Hand Posted or Computerized

 1a List the name of software vendor.
 2 Was a financial report made within two weeks after the close of the school year or after each semester if your school has two (2) or more semesters in a school year, of all fund activity to the school board and superintendent of schools in accordance with IC 20-41-1-3 and IC 20-41-1-8?
 3 Was the ECA bank account balance reconciled to the ledger balances on a monthly basis?
 3a How frequently are bank account balances reconciled without any difference or variance?
 Most of the time/All of the time
 4 Does anyone review and approve the completed bank reconcilements?
 4a List the position and name of the person(s) reviewing completed reconcilement.
 5 Does the ECA have any investments (certificates of deposit, savings accounts, etc.)?
 5a. If yes, list the name of the bank(s) where the investments are maintained.
 6 Are any investments accounted for on the ECA ledger?
 7 Is a receipt issued for all monies received and at the time the money is received?
 8 Please indicate how often deposits are made? Which best fits your situation?

Weekly, Monthly

 9 When totaling the receipts issued for the day does the classification of the receipts (i.e. cash, checks, etc.) and the classification as shown on the deposit ticket (i.e. currency, checks, etc.) agree? This would include collections for items like textbook rental, fundraisers, ticket sales, etc.
 10 Is School Lunch accounted for in the ECA ledgers?
 10a  If yes, is a SF-2 or SF-3 used?
 11 Is Textbook rental accounted for in the ECA ledgers?
 11a If yes, are receipts (Form TBR-2, Official Receipt Individual Textbook Rental List) issued?
 12 Is a Purchase Order/Accounts payable voucher (Form SA-1) and/or Claim for Payment (Form SA-7) used for disbursements?
 13 Are the Purchase Order/Accounts Payable vouchers (Form SA-1) and/or Claim for Payment (Form SA-7) properly itemized?
 14 Are the Purchase Order/Accounts Payable Vouchers (Form SA-1) and/or Claim for Payment (Form SA-7) signed by the appropriate officials?
 14a List the position and name of the person(s) signing Purchase Order/Accounts Payable vouchers (Form SA-1) and/or Claim for Payment (SA-7).

 15 Are prenumbered tickets used for sporting and other events for which an admission price is collected?
Yes/No/Not Applicable
 15a If yes, are Ticket Sales (Form SA-4) reports used to reconcile the number of tickets sold to the amount of collections to be turned over to the ECA treasurer?
 16 Do any school personnel stock vending machines and remove money from the machine?
 16a If yes, is Form SA-9, Accountable Items Review, completed at least once per school year?
 17 The Summary of collection Form (SA-8) is to be used when a teacher, class sponsor, or other personnel are in charge of collecting money (for a field trip, fundraiser, etc.) that is later turned over to the ECA treasurer. Was Form SA-8 used to transmit monies collected by teachers, class sponsors, etc. to the ECA treasurer?
 18 Are any outside organizations such as booster clubs, 4-H, Girl Scouts, PTO/PTA, etc. accounted for in the ECA ledgers?
Yes/No/Not Applicable
 18a If yes, please list those organizations.

 19 Are all fundraisers approved by the School Board?
 19a If yes, has the School Board established controls and procedures over fundraisers?
Does the ECA have a credit/debit card or local business charge accounts issued in the name of the school?


If yes, has the School Board approved a policy related to the use of the credit/debit card or local business charge account?
 20b If yes, upload a copy of the credit or debit card policy (jpg, pdf, gif, tif, png)
Upload File
 20c Are credit card statements or debit card transactions reviewed often for irregularities?

After the form is saved, you can go to the "Review" by clicking on the breadcrumb at the top or the bottom of the screen to determine if the reconciled balance agrees with the ending balance of the funds entered on the prior screen. If it does not balance, the error message will state, "Balance End of Period Total of $xx,xxx.xx does not match Cash Reconcilement balance of $xx,xxx.xx." You must then go back to the Schedule of Balances, Receipts and Expenditures and/or the Cash Reconcilement to correct any errors so that the report is in balance. You will not be able to submit until the report is in balance.

What if I can't get my reconcilement to balance?

First, go back and see in what month it began to not reconcile and investigate if there were errors made.  Second, if you have tried and can't find the error, then you should maintain the difference for a period of time, for example 6 months or so.  Then present the problem to the board and request approval for adjusting the records for the difference. Show the difference on the Cash Reconcilement screen on the line called "Other Reconciling Items".

Note above that the outstanding checks can be sorted by check number by clicking on the arrows in the Number column heading.

To save the reports to your computer, click on the Export icon and select either PDF or Excel.

For an example of the Risk Assessment Report, see the Risk Assessment section of the user guide.

For an example of the Report Certificate, see the Report Certificate section of the user guide.