Gateway Reporting Access Authorized User Policy 

Gateway is used for reporting a variety of financial data to Indiana State government agencies. The Local Official Login portion of Gateway is accessible only by officials directly responsible for entering and submitting reports to the State.

Authorized users are those who have received login credentials from an agency to which they are required to report data or information. Authorized users receive a Gateway username and password that is assigned exclusively for their individual use. Delegation of authority is handled through the individual state agencies at the email addresses listed at the bottom of this policy. Usernames are specific to the person who receives authorization.

Definitions for user roles may be found below.

  • Submitter: The person who holds the office or position which is required to submit reports to the State. Only someone with Submitter status can actually view and use the submit process within Gateway applications.
  • Editor: A person who is authorized by the Submitting official to have access to the Gateway applications for reporting. The Editor can enter information, but won’t have the ability to submit in Gateway.
  • Read Only: An individual who is assigned the ability to read application data without any ability to edit data.

Please note that it is each user’s responsibility to maintain his or her own username and password. Sharing usernames and passwords is a violation of this Authorized User Policy. 

Furthermore, each user should have only one username and password. Individuals should not login using another person’s login credentials. State agencies reserve the right to change a user’s password.

For questions about this policy or to request login credentials, please contact any of the following email addresses: