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Basic Internet and Computer Guides

If you are not very familiar with computers, you may benefit from a tutorial before proceeding with the Gateway program. Some basic internet and computer guides are listed below.

Logging into Gateway

Once you have entered, the login screen will appear. If you know your User Name (which is your e-mail address) and your password, you may enter them in the login box and click on the “Log In” button.


If you have forgotten your password, you may click on the “Forgot your password?” link. This will direct you to enter your User Name (which is your e-mail address).  When you click “Submit”, a new password will be e-mailed to you at the e-mail address in your profile which may be different than your User Name.  If you don’t receive the new password at the expected address, contact us at and we can resynchronize the addresses.  After using this new password to log in, this initial password should be changed by clicking “Account Settings” and clicking on the “Change Password” link.

After logging in, you will see the applications page.  Click on the "Annual Financial Report" link.



Selecting a Unit and Year

Once you select the Annual Financial Report application, a list of local units that have been assigned to your User Name will appear. For most users, this will be only your local unit. Additional local units may appear if you have been given permission to enter or review information on behalf of another local unit. Click on the name of the desired local unit to proceed.


Then hover your mouse over the year you want to view or update and click on the year.


For more information, see the Frequently Asked Questions.

New for 2020

There are new questions 5.1a and 5.2 regarding debt on the Unit Questions screen. Please make sure to answer these questions. You are asked if any bond covenants or loan agreements require you to receive an audit and if you plan to issue new bond debt in the next 12 months.

In the pension section, units will now only have options for the plans that are available to their unit type.

In the capital assets section, units will now be able to view the totals for each column by enterprise and the grand total

For the 2020, there are numerous fund changes. Please see our website for detailed changes to the Fund Table.


New for counties, cities and towns:

108900 CARES Provider Relief Fund

County renamed funds            from                                                     to

101112            CEDIT County Share                           LIT - Economic Development (EDIT)

101170            LOIT Public Safety - County Share      LIT Public Safety - County Share

106004            LOIT Prop Tax Oper Levies Replace   LIT Prop Tax Oper Levies Replace

106006            LOIT Stabilization                                LIT Stabilization

Cities/Towns renamed funds    from                                                     to

102224             County Economic Development Tax (CEDIT)              LIT Economic Dev (EDIT)

102552            Fire Protection Territory                                               Fire Territory

104044            Co Economic Dev Income Tax Capital Projects            LIT - Economic Development

110250            LOIT Public Safety                                                       LIT - Public Safety


Please see our website for many additional additions and deletions. Fund Table.


Transfers are used to (1) move receipts from the fund that statute or budget requires to collect them to the fund that statute or budget requires to disburse them, (2) move receipts restricted to debt service from the funds collecting the receipts to the debt service fund as debt service payments become due, and (3) use unrestricted receipts collected in the general fund to finance various programs accounted for in other funds in accordance with budgetary authorizations.

Plan Administrator

After answering the questions, click on the "Click here to Save Form" button.  If you have errors, you will see a list of the errors in red at the top of the screen indicating whether there are missing required fields as shown below. There will also be an error message in red next to the questions that are not completed. The form is saved and you may exit the screen.  The questions that were answered will be saved and you can return later to complete the form.

If there were no missing fields, then you will see the message "Form Saved" as shown below.



In order to submit your AFR, you must complete the risk assessment and then check the box as shown below to show that it is complete.  You will have a submission error, if the risk assessment is not completed and the box is not checked.


For more information, see the Frequently Asked Questions.

If you still need assistance creating the documents to upload, there are many businesses that provide this service for a small fee such as Staples, Office Depot, Kinko's, etc. You can also ask your local library or another nearby governmental unit for assistance.


Click on the “Browse” button and navigate to the folder in your computer that contains the pdf file you want to upload. Once the appropriate folder appears in the “Look in:” box, click on the file name so that the file name appears in the “File name:” box. Click the “Open” button. The file name will then appear next to the “Browse” button. Click the “Upload File” button.

After the file is uploaded, the date and time it was uploaded is displayed on the screen along with a link to click to view the file. You should click the link to verify that the correct file was uploaded. If there was an error and you need to upload a different file, click the “Reset Upload” button. Then click the “Browse” button and select another file to upload.