Property Tax Summary Tool

These visualizations show which classes of property (ag, residential, commercial, etc.) generate the most tax dollars and how those tax dollars are allocated across units.

Property taxes are a primary source of funding for local governments – counties, cities, towns, townships, libraries and other special districts (such as fire and solid waste).

Property taxes are ad valorem tax, meaning they are allocated to each taxpayer proportionate to the value of their property. The taxes paid based on property assessments (minus any deductions, exemptions and credits) are collected by local government officials and then used to pay for services spanning public safety (police and fire) public health (water, sewer), road, street and highway construction and maintenance and more.

Choose one of the four visualizations below:

  1. Property Tax Levies Overview
  2. Tax Levies Detail
  3. Property Classes

To help put the property tax summaries in context, note that the statewide average spending from every tax dollar looks similar to this:

Statewide avg spending