Download Data

While the Report Builder can provide users with information on selected units or types of units, some users will want larger quantities of data without going through the report building process. We provide multiple pipe-delimited CSV or text files that can be easily read by spreadsheet, database or statistical analysis tools and contain data for all units.

Important Notes

Because the data are financial, we wanted to ensure there would  be no software translation issues with these files, so the files are pipe (|) delimited files (a pipe is the stroke generally found above the enter key on your keyboard). You will need to indicate that the delimiter is the pipe when you are importing these files into your software of choice. For example, with Excel, you can quickly transform the data using the Text-to-Columns feature.

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2011-2015 Annual Financial Reports

Note: these are text files, so either open in your browser and then copy/paste into the software of your choice or right-click the link to save the file.

2014-2015 Assessed Value

Assessed Value of Parcels (2002-2011)






Exempt 1 (code 600)

Exempt 2 (code 700)