Download Data

We make downloads available for specific data sets in formats you can import into database, spreadsheet or statistical software.

Finance and Budget Files

About the Finance and Budget Files

These data files contain financial figures submitted by local governments through Gateway’s Annual Financial Report and Budget applications. The files are pipe-delimited. A pipe is the stroke generally found above the Enter key on the keyboard. It looks like this:  |. When importing data into your local software, you will likely need to indicate that the pipe is the delimiter. For example, with Excel, the Text-to-Columns feature may be used to separate data into columns after indicating that the pipe is the delimiter.


Download this documentation in order to interpret the column headers.

Property Files

About the Property Files

County assessors and auditors annually submit various property files to the Department of Local Government Finance (DLGF) and Legislative Services Agency (LSA). DLGF and LSA then perform a series of compliance checks over the data. Data available through this download represents the most recent compliant data set. For a list of counties and their compliance status, please see For questions related to this data, please contact DLGF’s Gateway support team at