Report Builder: Government Financial and Tax Reports

Local governments are required by state law to submit reports to the State of Indiana. A significant number of those reports related to taxing, budgeting and spending are now collected and available for public viewing through Gateway. Explore by unit or by report type.

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Green = submitted to the Department of Local Government Finance (DLGF)Red = submitted to the State Board of Accounts (SBOA)

Blue = submitted to the Indiana Education Employment Relations Board (IEERB)

Annual Financial Report

Annual Financial Report icon

Multiple reports detail the receipts and expenditures of each local government unit, reflecting income and expenditures for a full calendar year. The primary purpose is to assist in the auditing of government units.


Budgets icon

Every local government unit with authority to levy a property tax must submit a budget for the coming calendar year to the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance, which has the responsibility to review and certify budgets and set tax levies and tax rates.

Debt Management

Debt Management icon

These reports help the public know how much local government debt has been issued, the cost of interest to support the borrowing, the purpose of the borrowing, the source of repayment, and the total outstanding balances.

Property Tax


Property taxes are a primary source of funding for local governments. They are administered and collected by local government and used to pay for a variety of services. These summary reports provide an overview of the property taxes paid and distributed.

Solid Waste Management Districts


Solid waste management districts are required to submit financial and programmatic data.

Assessed Value

Assessed value icon

The Certified Net Assessed Value (CNAV) data provides information on the tax base.

Collective Bargaining


Each public school corporation is required to report on their collective bargaining with the Indiana Education Employment Relations Board. Gateway is now being used to collect and publish those data.

Economic Development Reporting


The economic development payments subject to reporting are monetary disbursements initially provided by a licensed owner of a riverboat, an operating agent of a riverboat, or an affiliate of an owner or operating agent.

Employee Compensation by Unit

100R icon

The Certified Report of Names, Addresses, Duties and Compensation of Public Employees (Form 100R) provides taxpayers with compensation information for public employees of state and local government.

Redevelopment Commissions

Redevelopment Commissions icon

Redevelopment Commissions are required to submit a report (not standardized at this time) for review to the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance. These reports are submitted in PDF and available via the Gateway in the form in which they were submitted.